What can I do if an essay is not written?


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Students have to
deal with insane workloads. No wonder sometimes a certain task may slip their
minds if they are not careful. However, a busy schedule is no excuse for a
missed deadline. So there is no way you can explain an essay submitted several
days late. So what should you do when the deadline is around the corner, and
you haven't even started yet? Well, students are a resourceful bunch. They can
come out of such tight knots with sheer luck and several effective strategies.
Let’s see what steps to take when the essay is not yet written, but the
deadline is approaching.

Stay calm

First of all, try to stay calm. Panicking
doesn’t help anyone. So take a deep breath and focus on the task in front of
you. Keep your cool so you don’t waste what time you have left, and don’t make
any rushed decisions.

Find realistic solutions

Now, as you’ve identified the issue, pursue to
seek solutions. Start by brainstorming what went wrong and how to fix it. Next,
choose a strategy.  For example, the
first and main question is whether you have enough time to complete a paper all
by yourself.

If you are confident you can do the paper in
the short period you have left, go for it. Break down the work you must
complete, and don’t waste any time. Better outline your tasks and time each
section to visualize your essay recovery.

However, stay realistic with your ambitions.
There is no need to rush through the essay process and pull a poor job on each
paper component. Perhaps, you should consider getting help on the outside at
this point. You can see the WritePaperForMe service for writing help and guidance. Ordering a part of your work or a whole
paper can drastically improve your situation and bring highly positive results.

Don’t exhaust yourself and take breaks

Stay aware of your energy and motivation
levels if you choose to complete your essay yourself. Break down the writing
process into smaller periods and have short breaks between them. It may feel
like a waste of time at first. However, taking time off from the task will help
you stay focused and productive for longer. So don’t push yourself too hard,
and rest when it’s needed.

Start writing!

There is no better final tip than to start
writing as soon as you’ve identified the problem. Don’t wait for the
inspiration, the right lighting, or a special mood. Sit at your desk and start
putting words on the paper. It doesn’t have to be good at first. However, just
getting words on the page is already a solid start to fix your mistake. You can
always revise your work later.

In addition, focus on the clarity of your
thoughts and arguments over the complexity of expression. Make sure your points
come across clearly. They must be understood at first glance. Don’t try to
overdo it with extra words and watery content. Focus on the crux of your essay
first. Don’t go for the word count right away.

As a side note, try to minimize distractions as
much as possible. Find a quiet place to work. Turn off notifications on your
phone or computer. Ask others in the house to not disturb you.

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