If I am Relocating Across the Country, What Are the best 8 Moving Tips I Need to Know?


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Moving across
the country is a significant change that can be exciting and stressful at the
same time. With so many things to plan, the process might seem overwhelming.
Those relocating cross-country must worry about moving companies, transporting
their vehicle, packing, and so much more. However, with the right approach and
a few tips, moving can be more enjoyable than many might think.

In this
article, you’ll read about eight moving tips you need to know.

When in Doubt, Write It Down

Big moves
require a lot of planning and tying up lots of loose ends. It’s best to write
everything down to ensure you’re keeping track. You can always go back and add
notes, cross things off your list, and refine the details while adding updates.
Writing down what you’ll need to accomplish will help you plan out, organize,
and remember all those little tasks you’ll need to complete.

Here are a few
document ideas to help streamline your move:

A simple to-do list. This is
easy to track, and crossing off items will help you conceptualize your progress
while motivating you to do more.

A helpful timeline. This is a
document where you can write out all your important dates. It’s a bit more
detailed than a to-do list because it offers specific time frames for
completing a task. Consider using a calendar format to be able to see what
needs to be done at a glance.

A handy folder. Many people use
multiple materials for planning and projects. Consider using a folder (either
physical or on your computer) where you can collect all necessary

We recommend
using digital documents to ensure that your moving information is well
organized and easily accessible. Others might prefer writing out their to-do
lists on their phones. If you want more ideas for lists, you can ask Blurtit, an online questions and answers
community where people share their experiences.

Find the Ideal Moving Company

The right
moving company can make all the difference and ensure a successful move. They’ll
be responsible for all your stuff during transport, so choosing the right one
is crucial. Consider the different specific services offered. Some moving
companies even go the extra mile by packing and unpacking your belongings,
though this costs extra. You might want to receive quotes from multiple
companies before choosing the best service for the right price.

Three Movers interstate moving company is an example of a moving company with multiple plan options but a simplified
process. They ensure you get your belongings to your new home securely and

Use the Move as an Opportunity to Declutter

Perhaps you
have a lot of old stuff you’ve been meaning to eliminate but haven’t gotten
around to it. Well, moving cross-country gives you a chance to do just that.
There are multiple benefits to lightening your moving load. Firstly, the moving
company’s price increases with the more weight you’re transporting, so it could
save you money on your move.

The second
benefit is that it gives you less to keep track of, making the packing and
unpacking process much less daunting. You may want to consider donating some of
your old things or giving them to friends and family.

Schedule Time With Family and Friends Before Moving

When you’re
moving cross-country, seeing all your family members and old friends will be
hard to plan. You’ll undoubtedly miss them, so scheduling a few meetings to say
goodbye is wise. You can do this individually or plan an activity together,
such as a going away party.

Change Your Address Before Moving and Other
Administrative Tasks

These tasks
might be a general bore for most people, but they’re indispensable. Some
require lots of paperwork, while others tend to be low maintenance. For
example, you should schedule a trip to your local post office and inform them
of your new address.

Other agencies
will have you fill out a form so they have an updated database. Changing your
address with government services such as the
IRS will give you a seamless transition so you don’t miss important messages
and updates. You’ll also want to look into other legal aspects, such as what
you’ll need for a new driver’s license.

Handle Transportation Ahead of Time

Try and
schedule any necessary airline tickets as soon as you work out the day of your
move. If you’re unsure or the date might change, consider waiting or exchanging
your tickets for a different date. However, be sure to ask your preferred
airline if this option is available.

Do a routine
maintenance check if you’re driving your car to the destination. You’ll want a
full gas tank, the right tire pressure, and fluids topped off. If you need any
repairs, take your car to a mechanic to minimize any risk of accidents or
breakdowns on the road.

Pack and Label Your Boxes Like a Pro

You’ll want to
be as prepared as possible when moving day rolls around. Start packing well in
advance, at least a few weeks before the move. That way, you can focus on
essentials the last few days instead of stressing out. It helps to label your
boxes, as this will make the unpacking process much easier. You can use labels
such as “bed sheets” or “books.” to help you decide what to unpack first. Many
would benefit from an "open me" box containing all the essentials for
the first night.

Let Your Utility Providers Know You’re Moving

For the
smoothest transition, you’ll want to talk to your utility providers to schedule
turning off services like the internet, water, electricity, and gas. If you
plan to use the same services, you can tell them when you’ll arrive at your new
address. Not disconnecting them in time can lead to unnecessary expenses.

As long as you
follow these tips above, you can organize and execute your cross-country move
with minimal stress and optimal effectiveness. There may still be other tasks
to complete, but your trusty checklist should track every aspect of your
transition. Knowing you’ve hired the best moving company, can give you valuable
peace of mind.

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