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Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit. Besides keeping your cardio in check, you also enjoy what nature has to offer when working out. Having the correct cycling gear is crucial if you want to get the most from your cycling sessions.

Whether you are a pro or someone who likes exploring cycling trails, creating custom cycling jerseys is an excellent way of showcasing your style. You can design custom jerseys for solo expeditions or rides with friends.

Below, we share tips to help you design custom cycling jerseys.

Let’s Work on the Design

It is crucial to identify the purpose of your cycling jersey before you start working on the design. Are you supporting a local cause or marketing a brand or business? Understanding your goals will help you during the design phase.

With your goal in mind, it is time to shift to the design process. You can get inspiration or design ideas from other custom cycling apparel on the market. Ensure that the colors, fonts, and graphics complement your purpose and goals.

Since working on a clothes design can be challenging, why not hire a fashion designer? The expert will add a professional touch to the overall look, ensuring that your jerseys look mint.

Choose a Renowned Manufacturer

Once you have the design, it is time to find a reputable manufacturer. Go for clothing manufacturers with experience in making cycling and sports gear. Read reviews and discuss contract terms before signing the manufacturing deal. 

Ensure that you agree on the delivery timelines and payment plans. Order a prototype for quality and design evaluation before mass production begins. If you are looking for a reputable manufacturer, you could check here.

Choose the Best Fabrics

Material is crucial. No matter how good the design is, low-quality fabric can undo all of your hard work. Do your research and consider other factors such as the weather and climate. A popular choice for making cycling apparel is polyester blends. 

Polyester blends tick every box you want in a sports jersey. It is lightweight and has moisture-wicking properties to help it dry fast. It also offers the best UV protection, which is a plus when cycling through the summer sun. 

Cotton and other microfiber materials are great for making custom cycling jerseys for winter. 

Branding and Customization

Custom cycling jerseys are an excellent platform for advertising your brand or business. If you are designing jerseys for a team or marketing event, consider adding a logo and brand colors.

Also, you can personalize the custom cycling jerseys with messages or names of the participants. Personalized items have sentimental value, and participants will still remember the event even after it is over. 

Don’t forget to add safety features to the jerseys. Reflectors will boost the cyclists’ safety during early morning or late evening rides when visibility is low. Also, add pouches for carrying necessities like phones, water bottles, and hydration gels. 

Summing Up

Custom cycling jerseys can be a unique way of showcasing your style. Use the tips in this guide to design comfortable fits for personal or team cycling endeavors.

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