Can You Tell Me Some Stupid And Ridiculous Facts?


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Mark Westbrook answered
I certainly can, my head is full of them!

Did you know that people called Marshall were originally Horse Doctors? - You do now.

The first women to ever be represented on a US postage stamp was Queen Isabella of Spain.

Einstein never learned to drive.

In Britain it is still illegal to be drunk whilst possessing a cow.

In France, no pig may be addressed as Napoleon, even if it is his name (or hers).

Diet Coke has only been around since 1982 (rotting away at our gut lining and teeth since 1982 should perhaps be there new slogan?)

French was the official language of England for six hundred years!

All of the clocks in the film Pulp Fiction are set at 4.20

In the Sixteenth Century it was considered elegant and sophisticated to put ribbons in the pubic hair of fashionable ladies.

A dentist name Southwick invented the electric chair.

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