How Can I Copy-furnish E-mail Sent To This Site To My Other E-mail Address?


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In order to copy-furnish e-mail sent to this site to another other e-mail address, you will have to be very internet savvy and have a fair idea of all the intricate workings of the email and internet. Most people prefer having a backup of all emails sent, especially when they are of a serious nature, particularly if the contents of the email pertain to some business undertaking or something of a similar nature.

The procedure for copy-furnishing an e-mail sent to a particular site to another other e-mail address may or may not vary depending on the email you have. Most email providers however have a number of convenient options to choose from. These are fairly easy to understand and are generally found to be quite reliable.

The easiest method to do this is to send a Bcc of the email to your other email address at the time of sending of the email. This is a foolproof method that will stand you in good stead later.

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