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These days Android security plays a vital role. So having best android security apps will protect your smartphone from malware attacks.

Avast Mobile Security

This is a free app and consists so many features. Those are virus scanner, virus removal, call blocker, network meter, app manager and a firewall. If you pay some premium then you will … Read more

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Magostech Information System Pvt. Ltd. Proficient and consistent Window, Android and iPhone application development services to serve diverse customer requirements and industry needs. Whether it is a standalone application, or a solution incorporated with back-end systems, or a gaming application, our Window, Android and iPhone application development team will ensure an exceptional outcome. Magostech Information … Read more

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If you are using a laptop, you will be able to make use of the Wi-Fi feature of the device to connect to the printer and for a personal computer to connect to a wireless printer, you will need a wireless router. Another option is using Bluetooth, if both your computer and printer support the … Read more

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At Printer ink we are not simply keen on offering HP toner supplied by Toner suppliers in Dubaibut rather are focused on discovering approaches to help the earth and in addition having any kind of effect in your pocket. Our reduced costs have just helped you spare cash yet we figure … Read more

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Hello there. A gaming laptop is really good, but the problem is that it is way too expensive to get one that you can upgrade. The upcoming games come with better graphics and most gaming laptops have a limit in terms of power and upgrade. A PC, on the other hand, is way more versatile … Read more

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Its depend on Screen Resolution plus specification you cant share monitor if one of your device not support other Screen Resolution this can happen because of 1. One of your GPU Device did not support th other device Resolution 2. Screen Broken

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Ghosting is a very common issue in laser printers that can be caused by a number of things, some of which are really easy to resolve. It is mostly hardware that is causing ghosting in laser printers. When I encountered printer ghosting issue, the tips shared in helped … Read more