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From what I've heard, they're just considered too old for investing in further updates -- well, at least not major ones.  They will still get security updates.  I'll try to find a link for you.

(Edit)  Here's one:


Skunky Stinkerson
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I would say the Crypto Lockers. They're quite destructive, and have caused tons of money in Damage. In the US, a hospital's computer system got infected and they paid 30grand to the thieves to get everything back.
A ransomware trojan that  encrypts your files and then demands you to give them a few hundred
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Kathreen Smith
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The Outlook email clients have run over different specialized issues including the ones expressed beneath:

Unfit to make another Outlook email account

Viewpoint server is not reacting

Unfit to login to the email account

Experiencing difficulty with email connection

Unfit to reset outlook email secret word

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In general, there is little chance to retrieve deleted kik messages, as Kik doesn't store data that has been deleted from their servers. Anyway, if you want to verify whether you still can find deleted kik contacts on your iPhone, you'd better find a tool on Google, in my experience, imyfone d-back is a good … Read more

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Software development is a huge field; about the only trend that applies to all of it is that we seem to be slowly getting better at it. More specifically one can point to continuing improvements in three areas: Languages, tools, and systems.

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