Darren Wolfgang
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If your calls all go to Voicemail or you get a special recording message or a business signal or just a constant ringing can say that you've been blocked. Sometimes when call a number and get a strange voice message where it says all circuits are busy that can also say you've been blocked too. … Read more

Sarah Lena
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Yes definitely you can use T mobile Sim card in your Verizon Smartphone. Fist of all; you need to subscribe with Verizon Smartphone and than you can change your Sim card and will use t-Mobile Sim card in your Smartphone. You can get  Verizon wireless free government phone if you are a … Read more

Joy Twain
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I suggest you go to the App Stores (There's several to serve the various devices.) and put "Liquor Store Management" in the App Stores' search.  You'll probably find some general store management apps that will be applicable to a variety of businesses, including liquor stores.

Good luck with your search!

(Beware of Q&A spam.  Avoid spammers who … Read more

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I had to do some research on this since I hadn't heard anything about it. For coverage, having only my cell, Verizon offers the best coverage. Sprint is useless in my house - no towers nearby. US Cellular is a joke. So I'm stuck with them. Here's a blurb on this:

While Verizon wouldn’t say … Read more