David Cornish
David Cornish answered Nishi Garg's question

C++ is much more than c with classes. There are many other concepts inside of C++ like templates, function & operator overloading, exceptions & many others already mentioned here. This makes C++ very powerful & flexible, but also hard to learn. It's not that the single concepts are difficult to understand, but the sum of … Read more

Corey Hawkins
Corey Hawkins answered Keeno Stedford's question

There is so much more that needs to be looked at than just RAM. The CPU speed and core numbers, the graphics card and speed numbers all need to be looked at as well. Tell us these numbers and it would make it easier for us to make a suggestion.

Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun answered zack leon's question

Quite honestly ... If you don't know the area well enough to get home without GPS, you shouldn't be trick-or-treating there.

Especially if your parents don't know where you're at.

It may not be asking for trouble - but's it's plain stupid.

Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang answered Landy Toler's question

If your calls all go to Voicemail or you get a special recording message or a business signal or just a constant ringing can say that you've been blocked. Sometimes when call a number and get a strange voice message where it says all circuits are busy that can also say you've been blocked too. … Read more