Not only pit bulls, almost all breeds of the dog can go in to their first heat cycle after getting puberty. This is achieved at the age of 4-12 months with an average of 6-9 months. Some small breeds can get their heat cycle as early as 4 months and some breeds as late as … Read more
Normal delivery in dogs is not possible before 58 days. Average duration of pregnancy in dogs is 63-66 days. Ideally, you should get abdominal ultrasound of your dog to know due date and litter size. She can not have them early. She will show following signs of labor 24 hours before start of true labor. … Read more
Shivering in dogs can be due to excessive cold or swimming. Among medical reasons, skin parasites and nervousness can cause shivering but pain is major reason of shaking in dogs. Following are reasons of pain in dogs.

1. Muscular Problems
2. Skeletal problems
3. Disc injury
4. Traumatic injury
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If your dog is sneezing off and on only then no need to worry but if he is sneezing with runny eyes and nose then he is sick. Following are some conditions that can cause sneezing in dogs.

1. Upper respiratory tract infection caused by virus or bacteria
2. Allergy to pollens, … Read more
If you are asking about the duration of the pregnancy or gestation in pit bulls then it can be of 59-69 days with an average of 63-66 days or 9 weeks. If dogs don't deliver around 70 days of gestation then it is medical emergency and visiting a vet is necessary. To start preparations for … Read more
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Fleas are actually insects that live on dogs and suck their blood. Fleas can cause itching and hair loss. Treatment of fleas in dogs includes
  1. Use of oral anti allergy medicines or use of topical steroids
  2. Use of insecticides to control fleas
  3. Use of antibiotics if secondary infection is present
Ideally, a visit to a vet will solve … Read more
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Puss from the eyes of the cats can be due to conjunctivitis which is inflammation of the conjunctive. This problem can be due to

1. Bacterial or viral infection
2. Injuries
3. Allergic Irritants
4. Parasites of eyelids
5. Infections of eyelids
6. Foreign material in eyes
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Lethargy is condition when animals have delayed response to external stimuli. If this condition persists for more than 24 hours then visit to vet is necessary. Following can be causes of lethargy in cats.

1. Electrolyte imbalance
2. Anemia
3. Cardiovascular disorders
4. Infections
5. Hormonal disorders
6. … Read more
If my cat has started lactating, when are the kittens coming? Cats usually give birth very soon after the start of milk production, because the production of milk in the mother cat is one of the vital signs of labor. Other signs of labor include:
  • Reduction in temperature to below 99 F.
  • Breast enlargement.
  • Milk production.
  • Changes … Read more
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Dry heaves in dogs can be due to following reasons.

1. Bloat
2. Internal parasites
3. Internal infection
4. Food allergy
5. Liver problems
6. Ingestion of poisonous substances
7. Head injury

Treatment depends upon underlying cause. So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis … Read more
Following are general causes of infection of colon in dogs.
  1. Bacterial, viral or fungus infection of GI tract
  2. Food allergy
  3. Dietary intolerance
  4. Colon cancer
  5. Inflammatory diseases of the colon
  6. Trauma
  7. Side effects of antibiotics
  8. Inflammation of pancreas
  9. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
Treatment depends upon under lying cause.

Nipple enlargement in dogs is seen during initial stages of the pregnancy. Sometimes, false pregnancy can also cause nipple swelling. Some breast diseases can also cause nipple enlargement. If your dog was in heat recently and is showing following signs along with nipple enlargement then she might be pregnant. Otherwise take her to vet for … Read more
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Before doing any thing for hair loss in your dog, first of all cause of the hair loss should be investigated. There are many causes of hair loss in dogs and only vets can fine proper cause and can recommend any medicine. Following are general causes of hair loss in dogs.
  1. Ringworm infection
  2. Bacterial skin … Read more
What would cause my dogs inner eyelid to be swollen and half-closed? The major cause of a closed eyelid and eye redness in dogs is conjunctivitis. But, a visit to the vet to diagnose  your dog's condition properly and to get treatment is necessary. The vet will be able to undertake a much more … Read more
Whelping is term used for birth process in mammals. During this process babies are born. This does not include signs of labor but it is related with true labor and delivery or actual birth of the babies including removal of the placenta from the uterus.
Dogs can breath heavily after exposure to hot conditions, exercise and nervous conditions. Heavy breathing without these conditions is due to pain and oxygen deficiency.This oxygen deficiency can be due to

1. Heartworm
2. Heart diseases
3. Lungs diseases
4. Trauma
5. Pneumonia
6. Fluid in lungs
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Teacup Yorkie are small breed of the dogs. Their size can be 6-7 inches and weight can be up to 7 pounds. These are very good indoor dogs but need daily walk. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years. These dogs also require regular grooming. Digestive problems, hind legs paralysis, bronchitis, and digestive problems are common … Read more
Loss of appetite if continues for more than 24 then is medical emergency. It is one of the general signs of illness and can be due to many conditions and diseases. Following are some common cause of loss of appetite.
  1. All diseases of GI tract
  2. Liver and kidney diseases
  3. Skin diseases
  4. Eye diseases
  5. Blood diseases
  6. Pain
  7. Infectious diseases
  8. Brain diseases
  9. Mouth and … Read more
Stages of labor in all dogs are three. During first stage uterine contractions start and dog can shake and show restlessness and pacing along with loss of appetite. This stage can last for 6-24 hours. After this second stage of labor starts when puppies are born. After the birth of first puppy, there is a … Read more