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Reliance on technology keeps making us lazy and in some sectors unskilled. Because machines are replacing so many people some industries, such as welding for example, are become extreamly specialist with only a few business continuing to operate with human staff bases.

The obviously effects the economy by canceling out jobs but also means … Read more
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Tiggers answer is one possibility I would also suggest you consider it may be a loose connection or broken solder.

Do you have any other appliances in the same socket or extension just to ensure it is the TV itself and not the power supply?

If it does have a safety fuse fitted then check your … Read more
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If your 15 it means you can't legally have sex with him in most countries. Even if you were old enough its still a crime or at least professional misconduct for teachers to seek relationships with students in most countries. If you really like him you will tell him how much he is risking with … Read more
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I agree with Damm3 this is likely an allergy or react, has he recently ran through a river or patch of high nettles or something similar?

If the patch gets bigger or spreads I would refer him to a vet but temporarily follow the Sulfodene advise and wait a few days for him to feel better.
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These are essentially the same question, the big difference between any form of quantitative and qualitative approach is method and results.

Quantitative research is all about statistics and figures. It often results in statistical comparisons and hypothesis are matched against these results.

Qualitative research is opinion based and is about your observations of a situation based … Read more
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The best thing you can do is work hard to try and build some in game respect but it can be difficult when starting with a smaller clan, many games, especially RPGs and FPS will have wikis and fan site that allow you to list your guilds and clans for recruitment purposes.

You may also want … Read more
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There are lots of theories on this as it depends what you actually mean by "english language"

The word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (45 letters) is widely regarded as the longest word in the major dictionaries but pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism (30 letters) is the longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary.
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I think it is generally just a difficult time, lots of hormones running around and it forces people to make irrational decisions.

There is always a small amount of denile there as well "not wnating to end up like your parents" but in the end most people do.

It's no excuse foe the behavior of some … Read more
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Francis Scott Keyis famous as he is the poet that actually wrote "The Star Spangled Banner". He allegedly wrote it during the war in 1812.
He actually worked as a lawyer and author and lived between 1st August 1779 until January 11th 1843.
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Print media is more reliable than computers because once it has been produce it is standalone accessible.
This means if the computer breaks you can still pick it up and read it.

It does not have as much potential as a tool but as a piece of information its pretty reilable.

The other reason the printed word … Read more
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It does depend on the spider, most spiders eat anything small enough to be caught in their webs, mostly other insects and other spiders (which are not insects). Some spiders are big enough to eat larger prey like small frogs and birds!

As dll already said cockroaches are scavengers and eat just about anything.

- … Read more
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Jannifer here is right, its difficult to really know a person just by looking at them. As your life goes on however you do build up patterns of recognition called heuristics.

These are basically short cuts for your brain that will associated certain features with attribute traits, while they amy not always be true in … Read more