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This is a tough question, because it seems like almost everything these days has some sort of social element to it.

I'm surprised there isn't an app that shares photos of what you're about to eat every time you open the fridge yet (hey! Don't go stealing that idea.. It could be a great tool … Read more

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Share it on social networking sites like facebook and twitter so all your friends can see it and recommend it to other people. However, if you don't feel comfortable with people you know reading your short story then maybe you could share your story in the short story club. (it's in the community section.) You … Read more

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I've travelled from Chicago to the UK; I've also honeymooned in NYC; I've never been to Cali: So here's what I can share with you:

-just called it "New York" not "NYC" or "New York City." People in NYC like to think as their city as plain old "New York." It's weird, but to call … Read more

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Just things like , certain rules and how it's different from England. Common errors that the British find when they visit the states.

1.) What are your restaurants like? Do you always have to give a tip? Even if you didn't enjoy the service?

2.) What's the transport like?

3.) Healthcare..? So If I get into any … Read more

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Search on youtube for "Steve Quayle" and watch anything running around 3 hrs long.  He does radio programs such as the Hagmann and Hagmann Report or Coast to Coast AM; and discusses things such as Biblical Prophecy, End Times Happenings, and Current Events.

Bonus movies include Tom Horn or Pastor David … Read more