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Physiologically, Children and Adults differ primarily in their power, speed/agility and strength.

In children their bones are softer than adults, thus their bodies are more flexible than adults.
In children their heart rates are generally higher than in adults.
Muscles are more developed in adults
Due to well developed muscles, adults have more strength than children.
The joins and ligaments … Read more
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The singlemost purpose of a Business letter is to communicate with a customer or a client or a business partner in a formal manner about an official business matter. There are various reason why one would like to send a business letter. Some of them are -
1.  Approach someone for a business transaction
2.  Formally … Read more
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It depends what the percentage is of?

1. Assuming you want to know the diff is what % of the bigger #.
then, subtract 33.03 from 58.81, then divide the result by 58.81 and multiply it by 100 to get a %age. So we get
diff = (58.81 - 33.03)/58.81 = 25.78/58.81=0.4383
%diff = 0.4383 * 100 = 43.83%

2.  … Read more
The memorandum of association lists the name if the company, the location it is established/registered and the objectives of the company where as the articles of association define the terms used, the operating principles and legal guidelines of running the organization. Terms such as "Directors of the Company", "Capital", Dividend comprises of what? All these … Read more
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Since there is no lease, you are susceptible to such practices. However, charging $500 a day is ridiculous. How does he plan to recover the money if you do not pay it ? You have a couple of options, talk to him and negotiate a 30-day or 15-day eviction plan. If you have paid the … Read more
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Since it is a new company, you cannot write much about its history or financial status. However, you should write about the business your company is in. The goal or vision of starting the business. You might want to include what inspired you to start the business and how you will differentiate yourself from the … Read more
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So the data you have represents the height per week

Time (weeks)   Height (cms)
     3                        4.6
     4                        5.8
     7                        9.4    

So, In one week, the plant grew     5.8 - 4.6 = 1.2 cms
In the next 3 … Read more
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On July 13, 1984, P.L. 98-359, the "Postal Savings System Statute of Limitations Act," became law. It established a one-year limitation on the filing of claims for unpaid accounts formerly maintained in the Postal Savings System. The law did not provide for any exceptions. The Treasury Department attempted to notify all depositors by letter … Read more
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Nigeria has an ICT Ministry that is leading the e-accounting initiative. ICT will help the Nigerian government to build an e-government framework that can drive better accounting, record keeping, inventory management and reporting for strategic action. These are also the general benefits of applying ICT to accounting.

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There are three main paths after B.COM
1.  Continue further studies for a post Graduation and get an M.COM
2.  Prepare for the Chartered Accountant entrance and that is very lucrative, while it is tough also.
3.  Go for a Management degree such as an MBA.

Another professional course can be to get trained in using Enterprise Accounting Software … Read more
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Any unsolicited award notice is a FAKE! Just imagine how could someone give you an award without your even participating in any competition. Sadly these scam operators rely on our greed or desire to earn wealth in a easy way and we  end up succumbing to their ploys.
Remember "There is no such thing as … Read more
If the amount owed is legal and there is documented evidence, then an employer can deduct it from the wages for a final settlement. It is common practice to deduct money from the final settlement when a employee quits the company for whatever reason.

If there are terms of the loan that he must pay it … Read more
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While the value for such cards is not publicly announced, you might want to visit an appraiser for finding its worth. Another way to get the best possible deal is to sell it on e-bay. You can set a very high price for the sale and you will have folks come in and bid. These … Read more
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We know that the angle of the triangle opposite to the base is say theta is the same as 90 - the angle of elevation of the sun. This is the angle opposite to the base which is the length of the shadow
Assuming h is the hypotenuse we know
since sin(theta) = length of shadow / … Read more
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Since the money you withdraw from your IRA will now be taxed, you should figure out the tax bracket for each withdrawal and then decide.
Look at your annual expenses and  then calculate the tax braket you will fall in and based on that manage your withdrawals.
 One more important thing to consider is - How … Read more
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You can easily create such a table. An inch is divided into 4 quarters which are further divided into 4 parts so each smallest unit of inch is a quarter of a quarter that is 0.25 times 0.25 = 0.0625.   More common usage is diving an inch into 8 parts so least count is  … Read more