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Air:  Bow and arrow

Lightning: A whip. (It makes a nice crack sound for thunder)

Fire:  Throwing stars.  (with a certain design may resemble fire)

Water:  (I don''t know.  I'm trying to figure out how that'd differentiate from ice. . .)

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Well, I really enjoyed Tyto's other suggestions...! You could use those.

For water: A trident would fit nicely here, I reckon. It can have an intricate wavy pattern etched on its pole, giving the illusion of flowing water! 

For darkness: All I can think of is some form of gun..?. This can be simple as a … Read more
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Earth - A slingshot that fires balls of molten rock.

Water - A trident made form un-meltable icicles.

Fire - Steampunk looking napalm thrower

Air -  A belt holding vials of airborne pathogens

Heart - A syringe of trans fatty acids that increases the risk of coronary disease … Read more

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Let's go with Aristotle's four elements and be creative.

Air:  A whip or Bow.

Earth:  A shovel or ax

Water:  A water gun

Fire:  A flamethrower

Best I could come up with at this ungodly hour :)

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So interesting!  I'm looking forward to reading this book!

Anyhoo, if she's a necromancer, then maybe she could be weak towards light? Or holy light? Or maybe white magic?

Oooorrr.....if, while she's raising someone from the dead, that could make her vulnerable to attack from an outside force?  Or maybe if she's actually one of the good … Read more