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HI Anonymous!  You have a wonderful adventure ahead of you.  :)  First suggestion is lose the anonymous.  Be real.  Be honest. 

Second is to leave the house and go places you truly enjoy.  (Not necessarily your comfort zone, usual hangouts.)  But go places you find interesting, and you'll meet people with similar interests.

Strike up conversations, … Read more

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I was in the same boat as you are now. I found my wife at a church get-together. Believe it or not, our entire life together is built off of a coversation of an algebra equation. Since then, we have not shut up, well, I haven't shut up. She stayed the same talkative girl she … Read more

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What will help you is to join a club or do volunteer work which brings you into contact with people that share the same passion as you do. You do this to keep contact with others, so you don't isolate yourself, and two, to keep yourself busy. Don't focus specifically on dating. Spend your time … Read more

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Let's pick one.  Let's go with "Costco Cutie."  The next time you have the opportunity to go to Costco, make sure you look your best.  Brush your hair, your teeth and put on your cutest shirt and jeans.  You want to feel good because you ARE going to walk up to him and say, "Hi."  … Read more