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You would be applying for UK Spouse Visa. For this you should submit your marriage certificate, all your past correspondence which show that you two were been intact, valid passport, application form etc. The other things which the visa officer will look is the status of your spouse in UK. If your spouse is well … Read more
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The possible cause is that windows has not booted properly. It happens sometimes that a service doesn't run when the system boots. It is possible that the web cam loading service doesn't start and you don't see your web cam. Try restarting the windows can solve this problem.
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A technology is blessing for all. You can use it for good or bad purpose.

Some merits of internet are:

Used for getting education
One can search on any topic and get information in seconds
Internet is used in business
Banks, schools, colleges, universities, research centers, offices, organizations, companies everywhere
Online purchasing of any item
It is kind of employment for … Read more
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Staphylococcus is group of bacteria and can be dangerous if not treated properly. There are many diseases like diarrhea, vomit, dehydration, nausea etc associated with staph. The most dangerous disease is Toxic shock syndrome which can lead to death. I am not sure what you are looking when you say staph in head. However, for … Read more
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I read it loud and slowly. I check how does it sound? I make a line by line analysis. I check if the flow of the text is appropriate. Is my text is too long or too short. Is my text will be effective for the intended audience. I check if the title is brief … Read more
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First you must have good knowledge of the subject on which you are writing. You must know the good and bad things about the subject. Now when you have good knowledge then you should revise your written work again and again. You will find many mistakes in the first revision. Similarly, after 3 to 4 … Read more
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Marketing department always share a healthy relationship with other departments in the organization. The most important department to which they are linked is Accounts Department. Accounts Department is involved in all the sales, purchases, donations received, campaigns of Marketing, seminars, conferences and workshops. Marketing department is the backbone of any organization and it always maintain … Read more
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You must live in UK for 5 years to apply for UK settlement visa. I don't think you meet the requirement. The time to issue a visa depends from case to case. There is no fix time. However, you can track your passport by giving the tracking number provided to you on UK Passport Tracking … Read more
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You can perform the following things to go to your yahoo mail.

open, click on sign in and when you will be signed in, click on 'mail' and you will be directed to your inbox.

Secondly you should make your screen resolution to 1024X768 pixels.

Still if you are experiencing problems, call … Read more
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Visit Pakistan Embassy in UAE and apply for Visit Visa. To get complete information about documents, visit this link.

The embassy address is as follows;

Pakistan Embassy , United Arab Emirates

Plot No. 2, Sector W. 59 Diplomatic Enclave
P.O. Box No. 846
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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