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  1. 1.the organism should have atleast one cell.
  2. 2.the cell must contain plasma.
  3. 3. The organism must have respiration.
  4. 4. The organism must have the power to reproduce more organism like itself.
  5. should have metabolism
  6. should have a definite life span.
  7. should hae he ability to response.
  8. should hve a metamorphosis … Read more
Xylem is a carrying vessel. It carries the water, minerals, salts , and other goods to the lief. Thus the photosynthesis process get complete. Except the co2 and o2, and the photon particles all other things for photosynthesis are carried from soil to lief by xylem vessel.
Gram positive cocci is a type of bacteria. In1884 Dr. Christian gram invented a stain to color the microscopic bacteria. It is called "crystal violet". Some becteria has "tikoic acid" in their cell wall. This tikoic acid helps the becteria to catch the violet stain. Thus their colour became volet after using the crystal violet. … Read more