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If you first solve for a resistor pair, and then use the product over sum method for each additional resistor, it will still work, but it's just not the most straightforward way to go about it.  

You can first solve for the first two; R1*R2/(R1+R2)  = R12

And then add in each additional resistor;  R12R3/(R12+R3)... … Read more
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The Titanic was made of hot rolled steel, but the steel was high in phosphorus and sulphur, and low in manganese.  Those make it rather poor quality steel by today's standards and became brittle when cold, which made the collision damage more severe.  The rivets were also not as strong as they should have been.

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"2% 10, net 30" terms allow for a 2% discount if paid within 10 days.  98% of $8450 is $8281.  But they better hand deliver it to make sure it's received within 10 days!
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To set up, add the two interest amounts from each rate.  Let x be the amount invested at 15%, and (1-x) be the remaining amount, since the two should add up to 100% which is represented as 1.00.

15%(13000)(x)  + 10%(13000)(1-x) = 1900

(.15)(13000)(x) + (.10)(13000)(1-x) = 1900

Now solve this before you … Read more
Start with a value of 0 for x.  It's obvious right away the y value at this coordinate will be 4.  Plot (0,4).

Now set y = 0 and solve for x.  

0 = 2x + 4
x = -4/2
   = -2

So plot a value of (-2,0).  

Try another point for verification. … Read more
Many computers run without RAM, but they're not the ones you normally would call a 'computer' for general purpose computation.  Computer chips are running everything now days, from microwave ovens to automobiles.  Some of these applications do very limited tasks and require only a few locations of memory, which can be handled by built into registers inside … Read more

The length was 882 feet, 9 inches.  The beam (width of a boat) was 92 feet, 6 inches.  It was 175 feet high and displaced 52,310 tons.

Of course right now, it's a lot of rusting pieces on the bottom of the ocean floor
Cubic feet are units of measure for volume.  British Thermal Units (BTUs) are a measure of energy.  You need to state what type of gas or fuel you are burning (if that's what you're asking) to make some sort of assessment as to its BTU content.
2,750,389 in scientific notation would be 2.750389 x 106

But notice that nothing was gained in describing that number in scientific notation if you need to keep all the digits.  It actually made it more difficult to write.  Generally scientific notation simplifies numbers with lots of leading zeros or trailing zeros to makes them … Read more
Booting is the term used to start up a computer from an unpowered or uninitialized state.

The term comes from the idea that "a cowboy would have to pick himself up by his bootstraps," which is really an impossible task.  But if you consider that a computer doesn't even know how to communicate with its … Read more
If you're drilling large holes, you could say "I bored a hole with an auger bit."

But if you talking about a piece of lumber, you would say "I need a board"

And if you're simply unable to focus your attention, then you would say "I am bored"

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It doesn't work that way with raw land.  Years ago, you could reinvest your gain on a primary residence.  But now, you'll pay capital gains on it in the year you sell it, unless you can do a 1031 tax deferred exchange.  

If you built a primary residence on it, and then sold it, you could … Read more
A compiler converts programming language commands into machine code.

It's a lot easier programming in commands like "Register A add Register B" than "010101011 10101111 11101010 10100001."   All the computer understands is ones and zeros, and humans don't work well with binary.

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You could have it with, or without a comma.  But if you don't use a comma, it would be a different sentence structure (that was an example!)  If it did have a comma, it would usually go after the comma.  If you want another example, it would be a sentence like "I would show you, but on the … Read more