To begin with everyone stop panicking and sending mis-leading infor here.  There are 2 types of Herpes---Simplex (like you get around your mouth) and Zosta (gential herpes.)  They are not the same and are not really transferable during oral sex.

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I read where one of the readers tells you about a collar that gives a little shock when the dog barks.  There is another type of collar that I got for my dog that emits a high pitched piercing sound when she barks.  It's only about $20.00 and you can find it in any of … Read more
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It's probably a herpes virus of some form. Nothing much you can do about it but wait it out or use one of the over the counter (abreva) products to help with the discomfort. Unfortunately once herpes is in your system it's there for life so be prepared for future outbreaks.