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An acid is a substance that gives hydrogen ion when dissolved in water.In other words,it is a substance that gives salt when reacted with a base.E.g HCl,HBr etc
Valence electrons are those electrons that are found in the outermost shell.Since,fluorine consists of 9 electrons altogether,2 residing in its inner shell and 7 in its outermost has 7 valence electrons.
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Far as I think,wool is a bad conductor of heat that's why when you wear any woolen clothes,it won't let the heat eject outside from your body to the,you feel warm!!!
  1. RNA consists of ribose sugar while DNA consists of deoxyribose sugar.
  2. RNA is single stranded but DNA is double stranded.
  3. RNA consists of Adenine,guanine,cytosine and uracil but DNA consists of adenine,guanine,cytosine and thymine

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The major work of mitochondria is to store energy in the form of ATP for the future use.So,it is also known as powerhouse of a cell.
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Let ABC be the triangle,where AB be the 1st side,BC be the 2nd side and AC be the 3rd side.
According to question,
If x be the length of 2nd side,then
1st side=x+5
3rd side=4x
Perimeter of the triangle=65 meters
i.e.The 2nd side is 10m.ans
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Ten times the perimeter of a square is 360 yards.
i.e the perimeter of the square is 360/10=36 yards.
We know,
the perimeter of a square is given by 4l,l is the length of each side of the square.
or,l=9 yards.
Hence,the length of each side of the square is 9 yards.ans
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