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Since my siblings and I are too old to go trick or treating, my dad buys bags of candy when they are discounted. To keep from eating it, I usually give it to my little cousins when they come over, or keep it on the table for when friends are there too. It's easy for … Read more

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I wasn't aware that guys could ejaculate tinned meat O.o but lol its normal at first for it to be quick soon enough it will lengthen to half hour or more :)
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You said you're already pretty built? Well, yeah, doing those things would help strengthen your muscles and maintain a healthy weight but don't overwork yourself ;) Like you said, you still need to eat properly and you need to give yourself some time to rest as well..

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Batman woke up one morning to the sound of his unicorn, Finny. Finny was anxious because a magical raccoon creature wanted to steal the sun, Finny insisted that Batman come outside at once. The hero put on his best sweatpants displaying the word juicy on the butt and grabbed his lollipop wand on the way … Read more

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"Ghost In The Mirror"

Ghost in the mirror.
Just look beyond, the balanced reflection.

So tell me dear, can your heart still break,
If it's already stopped beating?

Never take your pulse for granted again,
she doesn't know, she doesn’t know the kiss of death.

Black is black and love is, love is death.
Black cats, … Read more