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The data-processing cycle involves many different
interdependant activities. The number and nature of these
activities will largely depend on the technology used to process
the census forms (see section F below). As an example,
the diagram below shows the major activities that may comprise
a census processing system using key entry. The order
of these … Read more
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Use nokia security code generate lock.
1. Use *#06# to check IMEI(nokia phone only)
2.Insert IMEI then calculate.
3.Use the generate number to unlock the security code.

B Unlocked SIM card

Use Nokiafree unlocked code calculator v3.00b

1.Use *#06# to check IMEI(nokia phone only)
2.Insert IMEI .
3.insert Network.
4.Nokia Model
5.klik … Read more
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Computer is a modern day machine. It has both its advantages and disadvantages.

With the help of computer, large amounts of data can be processed quickly. This would help the efficiency of work and its quality. With internet, we can also access information quickly and easily, and it also allows faster communication. … Read more
New compilers support configurable architectures
and can generate efficient instruction
schedules for cores that support high levels of instruction
and/or data parallelism. Today's leading
compilers achieve a level of efficiency where
it is no longer required to write performancecritical
code in assembly instead of C. Although
Altium’s Viper compiler framework is designed
to support the … Read more
There are many:
1. Bad information could travel the world quickie, for example; porns and other harmful sites.

2. Computer virus could be transmitted easily through internet from one to others.

3. Some websites teach people make dangerous weapons for free.

4. Many credit card frauds are results of internet access. … Read more
data is integrated and shared by many users.
a database is a representation of a collection of
related data.
underlying principles: Hierarchical, network,
relational or semantic.
the components of a database management
system: Data definition and data manipulation.
application programmers, non-computer science
expert and experienced user.
consequences for … Read more
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1) Central processing unit: The Central Processing Unit (CPU) performs the actual processing of data. The data it processes is obtained via the system bus, from the main memory. The results from the CPU are then sent back to main memory via the system bus. The CPU also controls and co-ordinates the operation

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In password-protected Windows XP Home or Professional edition system, each user logs on to his or her own user name and password to have full access to the Windows computer. However, Windows user or administrator can still log in to the Windows XP machine without knowing the original password, if they have lost or forgotten … Read more
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IT delivers many advantages to the organization that manages it effectively. From cost savings and improved productivity to greater business intelligence and decision-making capabilities, every organization can benefit from IT. However, these days, business is putting great pressure on IT to cut costs and deliver even more business value. Here are just a few of … Read more
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DNS, stands for " Domain Name System" and helps resolving names to IP numbers as it is much easier for people to remember logical names rather then a 12 digit number.

DNS uses 3 major components 擱esolvers (client)? Name Servers?and 擠omain Name Space? In basic DNS communication a client (Resolver) sends a query … Read more
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Types of Computer Network

There are two basic types of computer Networks:
  • LAN: LAN or Local Area Network is the most common kind of network set up. There are two ways to connect a LAN network. The simplest and easiest way is the peer-to-peer connection network. This is when two or more … Read more
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Data can be communicated from one terminal to the central computer to other terminals through different media. These media are known as data communication channels there are cable, microwave, satellite and fiber optics.

Cable is the most popular and widely used medium to transmit data from one location to another. It includes telephone line, … Read more
I think the advancement of the media communication in Malaysia has a number of advantages like it has increased the development of the technology in Malaysia, it fostered the media communication education there, led to the economic advancement and many such others.
However, disadvantages include the poverty in Malaysia, lack of infrastructure, poor … Read more