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Dell do not offer any driver for Mac or Linux or anything but Windows XP and Vista. The best bet is to simply plug it in and try it out.

In Mac OS X 10.5, go into System Preferences and add it as a printer. You may need to choose Generic as the printer type. … Read more

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The specific "how-to" depends on the model of iTrip, as there have been lots of different types (just as there have been lots of different types of iPods), but the concept goes like this:

1. Connect iTrip to your iPod.

2. Tune the iTrip into an EMPTY radio frequency. You need to find a radio frequency … Read more

Look in your Applications folder for a program called Photo Booth. It will let you take photos (and in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, also videos).

Your camera will also work with iChat (instant messaging), iMovie and System Preferences (Apple > System Preferences > Accounts > Edit Picture).

Other programs that use the camera include … Read more