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Once downloaded on your personal computer, spyware can monitor your keystrokes, scan through the files on your hard drive, read cookies or open applications and transfer information over the Internet to an unknown third party. Profiles set up by the spyware allow for pop-up advertisements to appear on your computer without a browser being open. … Read more
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Try one of this method.

Hold down the power and home keys down for about 10 seconds each while
plugged into itunes. When the screen goes black, release the power
button but keep holding the home key until itunes says. We have
detected an itouch in recovery mode.

From there you can … Read more
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The title is Your Mercy and performed by Blessed

If you're dying to know the lyric, here's the complete one
Confession is good for the soul they say
Well now it's my turn
I'm willing to share all I've learned someday
But somedays not willing to learn

I … Read more