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The purpose of cash flow statements is to monitor a business in terms of income and expenditures which is the primary requirement for a healthy business.Other than that cash flows are maintained to determine the expected output with the current output during a project in the business so that steps can be taken during the … Read more
Noise acts as a barrier to communication since the voice is in the form of waves , for example a sine wave can be taken as a sample of voice. Noise tends to increase or decrease the amplitude of the wave due to which voice/communication is distorted.
So noise is the foremost barrier for communication. … Read more
¬†Yes , you can send text messages to a mobile phone without the other person knowing it 1. If your service provider has given you the facility to hide your number.2. From your service providers website if it has an option to send text messages to mobile phone.3. From service provide IVR messaging service if … Read more