Yes but it is a rather common date so the silver content would drive the value rather than any numismatic value unless the coin was uncirculated.
The first prince of Egypt rolled a round stone at some wooden pegs about 5200 B.C..   Some 17th century Dutch settlers in America set up lanes and rolled wooden balls to knock down some kegels. Essentially, the history of modern bowling started toward the end of the 19th century
Condition of the coin is critical to its value.

However,  I'll give you a range of retail prices if the Condition varied from Good to Fine.

1928 is a common date and therefore not very rare.

The retail value is between $6 - $12 for Good to Fine condition.
Most dealers would only … Read more
Skills to be an accountant include

Ability to use a calculator or computer with proficiency

Attention to detail

Ability to see when the pieces of a puzzle do not fit or what ones are missing


Ability to deal with repetitive tasks and calculations

Able to work without … Read more
Speculation in business means you anticipate a demand for a product or service and plan to delivery the product without having a firm order or contract with a customer.   Therefore if demand never materializes you probably will lose quite a bit of money.  If demand does happen you can capture the marketplace potentially as you were able … Read more
Equations are used in real life in science and fields that use mathematics.

For example, accounting as a field is built almost entirely on the principles of an equation.    Accounting uses Debit and Credits which are the two sides of a transaction keep the books balanced.    This is the same as having an algebraic equation and … Read more
Renaissance in history really means a great awakening or revival of arts, learning, architecture, and literature.   Often referred to a rebirth of the human spirit or capability and often is characterized by a better appreciation of the human condition, such as better personal health.

This is interesting.    Here are a couple of interpretations ... One might interpret this that you can not communicate your thoughts or feelings to someone close to you. Making matters worse, you can't avoid them, leaving you helpless. A second interpretation would be you are feeling trapped at work or in a relationship. By … Read more
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This is hardwork.   Practice, but especially take voice lessons to learn the classics and proper voice training and care.    

Then perform in recitals locally.

Enter competitions - at country fairs or Yes even Kareoke to get use to singing in front of crowds.

Volunteer to sing at home for the elder or at … Read more