There are 365 days in a calendar year.

every 4 years we add an extra day to february (29th) and call it leap year. Leap years have 366 days. They fall every 4 years--the next will be 2012
There can be several reasons, but this happens to me sometimes too.

in my case,  it ended up being cubital tunnel syndrome. You can read about it here:

basically, when you sleep, or talk on the phone...anytime you have your elbows bent more than halfway, you're putting pressure on … Read more
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Ellie82 is totally correct.

but if you're looking at just the basics:

ringo: Drums (occasional back up vocal)
george: Lead guitar (vocal)
john: Rhythm guitar (vocal)
paul: Bass--left handed (vocal)

paul and george did write the vast majority of the songs although george wrote more during the later part of the band's … Read more
Soak can be used a few different ways. Basically it means: To become totally wet (as with water) . Sometimes people use it to describe other things too...I'll give some sentences.

My dad sprayed us with the garden hose and we were soaked!

The cake pan was sticky so I left it in … Read more