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You would add as one of the entries in your bibliography:

Personal interview with John Doe,  March 14, 2007

Your notes or recording should be transcribed and available upon request.
You should have presented the transcription to Mr. Doe for his approval, so he could make sure you did not misquote or misunderstand him.
With a  capital C,  Celts ( pronounced Keltz) A group of people from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Britain
Stated, suggested, pointed out, said, demonstrated, signaled, hinted, mentioned, showed, displayed, presented

Used in a sentence - The instructions for the application are indicated below.
I was so careful and slow driving home in my new car as I was afraid I would get some scratches on it and mar the paint finish.

mar - to blemish, to spoil, to injure, to detract from the perfection of
What you do affects everyone else

If you light someone's candle, then they light someone else's candle, then they each light someone else's candle, the candle-lighting increases until the world is full of light and no one is left in darkness.

Share what you know, enlighten others, and  the whole universe benefits.
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Why would we wait for the woman in white ?

The above sentence is a an example of alliteration, the repetition of a letter or sound in prose or poetry.
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If it was given while the father was living it is taxable. If it passed to the son as an inheritance when the father died, it is not taxable unless it is worth over 2 million dollars in 2008. That is the IRS rule. You have to check your state regulations. My state abides by … Read more
A hostess is a woman who hosts a party or event,
a woman who greets you at a restaurant, gives you the menu, and seats you,
the female form of host
sometimes female flight attendants were called hostesses
Mostly vegetables, fruit, grasses, flowers, sometimes small insects. It depends if it is a pet or in the wild. They do have iguana pellets. But every animal has it's own distinct personality, along with food likes, dislikes, and preferences.
My friend's iguana loved tomatoes. Mine didn't care for them, she went crazy over bananas.
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