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The following scientific method (in biology) are numbered in order:

1) Observations
After determination of specific biological problem, observations are made to collect relevant information or data.

Observations alone do not usually provide solution to the scientific problems so hypothesis is made...

2) Hypothesis
One or more hypothesis are made on … Read more
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Bacteria (singular: Bacterium) are...
1) a single celled prokaryotic organism.
2) are most widely distributed organisms.
3) a unicellular micro-organism.
4) can be harmful or beneficial to living organisms.
5) from 1 um to 10 um in length and from 0.2 um to 1 um in width.
6) … Read more
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Binomial nomenclature is the two word system that identifies each kind of organisms by the use of its genus and species name. It is the way to assign scientific names to living organisms. Carolus Linnaeus introduced this system in 1753 to prevent the confusion of the names of the organisms.