Maybe when he/she was still a puppy in her mothers womb some amniotic fluid may have gone into her ears and disrupted some development that was happening
They maybe tarantulas
yellow and black one maybe: Mexican red knee tarantula

the black and white one maybe: Brazilian black and white tarantula or an oriental black and white tarantula

the white one with the black stripes maybe: Oriental black and white tarantula
answered question
with a stallion (horse) for a dad and a jenny (donkey) for a mum the result would be a hinni

with a jack (donkey) for a dad and a mare (horse) for the mum the result would be a mule
The definition is : Woman : Deer : Popularity
to see a gazelle in your dreams means symbolizes the soul it suggests that you should not take life so seriously "lighten up"
it is an Arabic name
Hidalgo, honey, misty, mickey, mouse, bailey, shantel, dawn, kimmy wild-fire, comet, thunder, storm, jessie, bonnie, sugar, yoyo, gorgeous, rob-roy (robbie) just a few...