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Chances are that he is trying to empty his glands. My male has problems with emptying his, so we have them expressed by the groomer. Before we knew he had a problem expressing them, one burst. It was very painful for him and very messy.
How old is he? If younger, he could be getting his adult teeth in. Is he drooling more than normal? Bulldogs are a breed that drool. However, if you have had him and notice he is drooling more then usual, then you need to watch him. Does he have any other symptoms such as tremors, … Read more
It means the time is done together. For example, if there were two charges and convictions. The first conviction carries a sentence of 6 months in jail and the second is 12 months. You would only stay in jail for 12 months instead of 18 months. Your doing time for both at the same time.
If you search Google for Deer Head Chihuahua, then you will find numerous pictures. There are two basic body types of pure-bred Chihuahuas, as per the breed standard:
  • Apple head
  • Deer head
Apple headed Chihuahuas have short noses and apple shaped head (large and rounded). The Deer headed Chihuahuas have a longer nose and a … Read more