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Thanks guys! I took him to the vet again n demanded he check my cat thoroughly.. He drew blood samples because he suspected it might be jaundice but it was an infection from bugs or some other insect, he gave him detoxifying syrup which cleared green eye and hes healthy as ever! =))
There are two types of genes you receive from your parents, that determine eye color, hair color, complexion etc. The recessive genes are the genes with low prominence and can be over ridden with the dominant genes.

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Xylem is one of the two types of transport tissue, phloem being the other.

Transport tissue found in vascular plants, whose main function is to conduct water and dissolved mineral nutrients from the roots to other parts of the plant. The water is ultimately lost by transpiration from the leaves
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My cats a year old, and hes been losing weight and shedding his coat, also his blue eyes have turned green from time to time (last 3 months only) every times hes lazy, not eating n just sleeping. He isn't licking himself either or eating anything. Just water at times. When yr cat changed … Read more