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Jacob was the son of Isaac. He represents the work of the Holy Spirit. Abraham represents the Father, Isaac represents the Son/Jesus, and Jacob represents the Holy Spirit. That is why his life was so hard. He was striving against the Holy Spirit, just like we do today. We can be of good cheer though. … Read more
Just going to use some commonsense here!  I am no economist so bear with me!

Economic development causes economic growth.  It works the other way also.  Economic growth causes economic development.  Building a McDonalds is economic development.  That same McDonalds selling a million happy meals is economic growth, which in turn causes more economic development when … Read more

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I was told today, June 11, that if you collect disability you will receive the payment the same way you receive your disability, either by direct deposit or a check in the mail. I was, however, told to expect the payment in the next 90 days. Hope this helps!