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NEVER hesitate to call your veterinarian or vet emergency center it you notice unusual symptoms in your pets --- especially if you fed them something new! Please note this web site for poisons to dogs: OR FOR THOSE WITH CATS, fish, reptiles, birds, ferrets & other small pets:       PLEASE LOOK BEFORE … Read more
Feline constipation can be the result of many things.

If it is as simple as not enough liquid in the diet, encourage more water consumption or give low sodium chicken broth on a daily basis.

I feed my cats 1 teaspoon of regular All Bran every couple of days --- they love it … Read more
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This info was given to me by my veterinarian: "Weepy eyes, sneezing from colds & upper respiratory infections are common in cats & will respond to L-lysine, 500 mg. sprinkled in food once daily." I've found that it clears up in about 1 week & can be discontinued, or repeated if the problem returns.
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Organic has been scientifically proven to be more nutritional, but it's very important to clean any SOAKABLE food(s) before consuming them in order to remove any paracites or e-coli bacteria. Use the following: Soak any soakable food about 10 minutes in 1 gal. water (preferrably distilled) with 1 tsp. plain bleach. (Be sure not to … Read more