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Finding out what .875 as a fraction is easy. Here's a quick explanation:
Think of as 0.875 = 875/1000
We choose 1000 because there are 3 numbers following the decimal point.
Look for a common divisor: 25 looks like a good place to start.

875/25 = 35
1000/25 = 40


875/1000 = 35/40

Can we go further?

How about dividing … Read more
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You need to know the telephone number of the UK fax machine, and then prefix it with your international dialing rules, dropping the first 0 in the number for the UK international dialing code (44) To dial the UK number 01234 56789 you would key your telephone operators code for an international call (in the … Read more
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Romans would usually have had three meals a day, much like most of the western world does now. Breakfast (ientaculum), taken around 9am, and lunch (prandium) at noon would both usually be small meals, more like snacks. The only real hearty meal of the day would have been dinner (cena) in the late evening.