Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered

A few comments---

Taking a job and then finding out that it is not something you really like to do is still a good outcome---don't feel bad about it.

Tell your boss that you have decided precisely that---it's quite accurate.

(I would avoid mentioning health issues  as a reason--- no use letting that float around out there.)

Given your … Read more

Dark Majinn
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Depends upon one's willingness to "Lower your Standards" . . .

When I was fired as a Network Administrator, I took any low level IT Helpdesk job that was out there . . . For much less pay. This was during the height of the recession . . . Within 5 months, I was back into … Read more

Grey Harmon
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Well, seeing as how you need a diploma or GED for most jobs, if someone hasn't gotten one of those yet, it can be really really tough to find someone to hire you.

My brother just started mowing lawns.  It's like working as a private contractor.  I do the same with computer repair and maintenance.  I … Read more

Gator Blu
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Too many variables to say. The job market might be tight. Are the jobs the person applying for suitable to their skill and experience? Is the person filling applications with correct grammar and spelling? If they have had interviews, did they show up in appropriate attire and were properly groomed?  Did they give a friendly … Read more

Walter The Grump
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Do the right thing and tell your supervisor face to face. It's always recommended one to give 2 weeks notice. You at least owe your supervisor a face to face meeting.

Michael Poland
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Life will always endure.

It has for thousands of years.

There is nothing humans can do to

stop it. It is here for a reason, to protect

all life everywhere. Don't worry you are on

the right track. Your being observed.

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered

You go and talk to your boss in person in private - face to face.

I'm sorry, Mr. White, but I am unable to continue to working in my current job. I've had some medical issues come up that has forced me to take a step back from working.

I appreciate all of the training that … Read more

Ancient Hippy
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My youngest son spent a year doing just that, but in the US. He would work at whatever job he could find and then take off on another adventure. He came home for a few months and then spent a couple of years roaming Europe, etc. He had a bank account here and my wife … Read more

Nice Girl
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Please somebody answer my question

Lia Tan
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Well I suppose it depends on the person. I know sometimes I pretend not to know a person's name or who they are because I don't want to come off as creepy for knowing their name when I haven't talked to them before. But that's usually the only time I've ever pretended not to know … Read more