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He was human get over it. There are billions of them. Logic from humans if it regarded any non-human animal. There should be equality between species especally the ones that claim to be highly intelegent or sometimes told to be the smartest in the world.

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I'm for it. Transgender is a sever mental illness. Plain and simple. People with a mental illness should NOT be allowed to serve in the Armed Forces. I think gays should be able to serve. Sexual preference shouldn't be an issue. People who are too mentally deficient to know what gender they are shouldn't be … Read more

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As one who's seen combat, and as a matter of troop morale in the unique stresses of war, I'd have to favor excluding transgenders from combat in the field. There is no place for this distraction on a battlefield against other armies comprised entirely of men, the potential liabilities should become obvious.

That said, exempting … Read more

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As far as combat, I see no difference in sexual orientation and would gladly fight next to any US serviceman.

I just think it would cause a lot of chaos and many changes. Who are the transgendered going to shower with? Do women in the Army really want some "guy" in the shower with them? … Read more

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I'm not really about telling people they can't fight for this country, something that I wouldn't be capable of doing.

The surgery is covered by their health plan, so the military covers most other surgeries and medical procedures as well. The economic argument doesn't convince me.

Here's an interesting article that talks about how a … Read more