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I have heard of people being on that medicine for many years. Mostly due to the risk of them relapsing. That is depending on how bad the addiction was and how long they were addicted. Some doctors say it's something you could be on for the rest of your life.  There is a different type … Read more

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Suboxone is a drug I don't think a doctor would have you BOTH on for five years. Something sounds fishy about your question. First of all this medicine is prescribed to help with the withdrawal symptoms of a drug addiction such as heroine. That tells me if you are obtaining this medication legally then you … Read more

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React impulsively . . . To ANYTHING.

Everyone seems to be acting like they have a "Raw Nerve" exposed that goes directly to the emotional trauma center of their brain.

It seems to be all about "ME" and less about the bigger picture.

The idea is that we do not JUMP to conclusions, but we make our … Read more