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I can NOT stand the brown paper bags. I am not a fan of wine. (I prefer champagne lol!) But the red nose day is actually a day where if you buy (and wear) a red nose from Walgreens then you are helping to bring children out of poverty.... One nose at a time. 

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I would also say cleaning the bathroom/toilet. The fact is that my roommates have lower clean standards than I do. If I weren't there, they'd hardly ever clean it. So I end up being the one who cleans it most of the time. When you share a bathroom with two other young guys, it gets … Read more

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Recently I developed a habit of talking like Donald Trump. I can't help it.

This is a great smoothie. The best smoothie. Made by people. People whom I've spoken to. They are very smart. Knows all about vegetables. They put the correct amount into a blender. Blend it all up. Separate the rich and the poor … Read more

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Vaping/e-cigs. I was a Skoal dipper for years.

Checking doors 4 or 5 times to make sure they're locked. That is part of the corrections officer in me I can never shake. I also have to sit with my back to a wall and see the entrance when eating in a restaurant. I also scope out … Read more