Lilly Gray
Lilly Gray answered zack leon's question

i can't imagine it would change anything. I guess it depends on how long you'd be training with a smaller ball.. But in the short term, I doubt it'd make any difference whatsoever

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Anonymous' question

If each male is born with the capacity for a certain number of climaxes you may be closing in on your allotted total.

Aria Broeka
Aria Broeka answered Anonymous' question

Performance anxiety.  You are putting too much stress on yourself.  Stress and anxiety can cause impotence.  You are basically your own worst enemy. Try to relax, stop anticipating, enjoy each others company and let it happen naturally if its going to happen. 

Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy answered Anonymous' question

Punctuation and capitalization are your friends. I have no clue what you're talking about. Try to rewrite your question so it can be understood.

Fortis Paradise
Fortis Paradise answered Lilly Gray's question

Sometimes you just need distance from the people in your life, if you feel that way go for it and regain your peace. But everything comes with a price. If you ever decide to get back with your friends things wouldn't be the same.

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Lilly Gray's question

Well, we all have a right to avoid the poisonous people who try to enter our lives.

But I would like to know what you mean by the word "fake" in this context.

Sometimes "fake" is just normal human variance.

Anonymous answered Lilly Gray's question

Go ahead and cut them off. In the end you'll be happy that you did. I've dealt with a lot of fake people and they are not your friends. Stick with people that are your friends and dump the fakes. I did it and feel much better for doing it.

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang answered Lilly Gray's question

Sometimes you just have to do what is best for you. If these fake people are not healthy for you to be around then it is time to cut them out. Don't feel bad because chances are if they are fake then they have other fake people to be fake with.......

Lilly Gray
Lilly Gray answered Ethan Baker's question

Chill out, but talk to her if you feel thats necessary. But just chill and trust her, but still: I reckon you should talk to her about how you're feeling. I think that would help you alot