echooos echooos
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Mr. Maxi pad

Mr. Max maniac

Mr. Max Fairfax

Mr. Max beeswax

Mr. Max Bushwhack

Mr. Max Flapjack

Mr. Max Earwax

Mr. Max Pickaxe

Mr. Max Kickass

Mr. Max Knickknack

Mr. Max Anonymous

Mr. Max Anticlimax

Twallgirl Wallace
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Try to remember that your parents love you. They are responsible  for your well being and safety. They have to protect you at all costs from online predators  and those people that will harm you in any way. It's  not a matter of trust but responsibility theirs to make sure you have a wonderful childhood

Walt O'Reagun
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Your question reminds me of what I (somewhat jokingly) predicted ... "transethnic" identification.

Similar to "transgender" ... But dealing with what ethnicity you identify as, rather than gender.

Hell, we are ALL members of more than one ethnicity.  There haven't been any "pureblood" people for thousands of years.  So go with whatever you want.

Love and Harmony
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Every ethnicity has flaws. There is no perfect ethnicity. Either way, your ethnicity isn't something you can change about yourself. Being the best person you can be is good advice, but you'll still hate a part of yourself. So in order to not hate yourself, your most probable option is to be the best person … Read more

The Z.
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There is no good in hating yourself for things you have no control over. You're no mutant, change the paradigm:

Be the best you that you can be, regardless of all else.

To paraphrase Dr King: Don't be measured by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.

Janis Haskell
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You can take no credit nor blame for your ethnicity .... Only your own character and behavior.  So make it a point to be kind, loving, respectful, and responsible .... And then just be happy and grateful for who you are!

Gator Blu
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Hate is a strong word, but your feelings are yours and you have a right to feel them. I will say that as someone who has not liked a part of themselves before, you need to decide what it is that you don't like, or hate, and find a way to change that in you. … Read more

Otis Campbell
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All you can do is make your self strong dont dont get in any group. Thes haters hate everyone including themselfs

Yin and Yang
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Awww friend, your question broke my heart. 😔 Of course it is okay to feel. First of all i want to point out the things you see as negative for your ethnicity in other people does NOT have to be you! You are you, not them. ☺ Second of all i want to point out … Read more

hey cameron
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Well the main one is the birthdays of my immediate family. My birthday is October 20th, in the fall, my sister's is January 14th, in the winter, my mom's is April 29th, in the spring, and my dad's is August 6th, in the summer. So we were each born in different seasons :)

Danae Hitch
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You find the time to actually sit down and talk with her. You need to re-discover each other again and find out where her heart is. If you guys still feel the same and want to be together, go over your schedules together and whatever activities you're in and see how you can make time … Read more

Gator Blu
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No passing away stories, but there are lots of "double birthdays" in my family. My older brother and our niece share a birthday as do my dad and a cousin. Another niece and my brother's first wife, and my nephew's baby missed a "threepeat" by one day. My mom was born on her dad's birthday. … Read more