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It brings up an interesting philosophical question I sometimes ponder:  Who does your name belong to?

If my name belongs to me, I can change it anytime I want - without asking any body's permission.

If "my" name doesn't belong to me, I have to ask permission to change it.

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A couple thoughts here, Dark- From business class- Success is measured by the risk taken to attain it. From personal experience- The worst we can expect from failing to succeed is to remain as we are, only wiser.; The best we can expect from failing to try is only what the world hands us, none … Read more
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As I am in my final years of working, if I could go back and change something, it would be to go to college and get a degree. When you have a degree, you can have a career and command a higher salary, than if you are just an office drone.

That being said, there is … Read more

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It was for me.

The advantages of a higher education go beyond potential earning power. Knowledge itself is power, the power to enhance every aspect of our lives. But in a vacuum, education achieves nothing, it must be effectively and continuously applied to realize the benefit. No matter what one's education level, there is no … Read more