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I'll make l answermug short. I believe humans have evolved in some ways--technology, academic intelligence, but we have devolved in other ways--lack of respect, people can't hold a conversation, etc.

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Mankind has created, invented and cured his way to a longer and more comfortable life, but he's also created many ways to eliminate the human race and other species, with the quickest way being a simple push of a button.

I think the American Indians of a few hundred years ago had it right. Use what … Read more

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Well, there are some lives it hasn't made an impact on, take for example the third world.  It's strange because I remember when Bob Geldof first spoke about the starvation in Africa, it was in the 1980s.  We are now in 2017, in our country alone we still have at least 3 big fund raises … Read more

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I worry about what will become of us. I worry about running through our resources and becoming so advanced that we forget our basic humanity. I think we have evolved in such a way that our advances are out weighing our common sense. I think we are on that delicate threshold, one that if we … Read more

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I would say we have become the first species to be able to direct its own evolution. What happens from here will largely rely on our decisions. Therein lies our continued rise or our eventual doom.

Our accelerating technology is outpacing our collective competence to utilize it and assimilate it effectively and sanely into the … Read more

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Human beings? . . . Depends upon the application. I believe that Human life is just that . . To create another human either by genetically cloning or by sex, the resulting human should have the same rights . . Regardless. This throws away the use of Clones for Organ harvesting. Their rights would/should also … Read more

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As you and Yin have already pointed out, the science is worthwhile. It may have many applications including organ replacement.

Cloning people may be about as useful (and as controversial) as cryogenic preservation but I suppose there's always the advantage that if I had a toothache i could send my clone to the dentist.

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Honestly, I don't think cloning any animal is a good idea. As for cloning humans I think it is even worse. I saw a show or movie years ago where a couple wanted to clone their child who had passed away or was on life support. The doctors who were contacted to do the cloning … Read more