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That moment when I go to school and realize that will be my prison for a year. Dry, and bleak, and suffocating. The tomb I will live in for those months, and all my effort to no avail in such an outdated education system. Wasting day by day, working towards a time that may never … Read more

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It was the death of my grandma when I was 8. My dad, grandpa, and I ate dinner while my grandma went to take a nap. She always wanted me to wake her up from her naps and in the mornings when I was with her. She wouldn't wake up and was pronounced dead at … Read more

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I'd like to answer the question that you posed in Tom's comments.

I was three and was just betrayed by both parents, I had a little mental breakdown for awhile. When I came around again, I almost lost myself again, when I realized that this wasn't going to end any time soon.

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The first I recall was the death of my great-grandfather when I was 5. Great old guy. As I saw it then, he just never came back around. I missed him. Mortality makes poor discussion with a 5 yr-old.

So then, there was, of course, that whole business about Santa Claus. Reasoning the sheer logistics … Read more

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Yes. As a kid my sister and I were told "You two gotta get along because when we are dead you two will only have each other." "When we are gone you two will have each other"...... A sentence I held on to my whole childhood. As long as she was there, i'd be fine. … Read more

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Well, I do like the concept of finding intelligent life anywhere in the universe---Earth could use an infusion of such beings---we're starting to run low.

I have never considered the possibility of life on other worlds, but I would not at all be surprised if there were and that it might turn out that a currently … Read more

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Some tourist traps are tons of fun.  Estes Park is a nonstop carnival, with better food. 

But I'm with you.  I prefer to slow down and go beyond the crowds.  The locals know the best places, and the experience is more authentic.  That's why I want to go back to the British Isles.  My high … Read more