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Polymer chemistry has contributed to clothing technology by providing man-made polymers to replicate or replace natural polymers such as silk, cotton, wool, etc. Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers (et al.) invented most of the synthetic polymers used in clothing today, including neoprene (wet suits), nylon (panty hose), and polyester (you name it), while working for DuPont … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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People actually yawn to get ready for ... Something.
It doesn't have to do with sleep, as most people think.

And yes, it is an ingrained social condition that if you see someone yawn, you will want to.  Because if CavemanA yawns to get ready for ... Something - then CavemanB should probably get ready, also.

There are … Read more

Dark Majinn
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Depends upon the time of day and your hydration. Also, yes; yawning is one of those things that can trigger or cue a response in our species. It may not be immediate but most people response to seeing another person yawning and reciprocate the gesture.

Fun fact, most psychopaths do not have the same response … Read more

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People may talk about the overindulgences regarding many things we consume - Tobacco, Alcohol, drugs, processed food . . . Etc.

Yet now one really talks about stress and how horrible that is for our health. Stress is just as big a killer as any of these others. A poor outlook on life means you … Read more