Danae Hitch
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Asiatic Theory. According to the Asiatic theory of doctor Leopoldo Faustino, the islands were formed. Through the process of diastrophism. This explains the movement of earth that caused some parts either to rise or to sink.

Yin and Yang
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Sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, broken hearts, stalkers that won't let go, bitterness, misleading reputation, regrets, stretch marks, legal fees (If your caught with a prostitute), broken homes, divided families, hang overs, death in extreme cases!

carlos Striker
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Any amount tinkering won't help? In the long run nature will always have it's say.

Gator Blu
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I think we are well on our way to "fixing" our genes. I don't personally am not comfortable with it. I have an unsettling feeling that we mess around with them some consequence that we never knew existed is going to show up.

Kind of like how the Everglades are in trouble now. One person … Read more