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Usually they need you to say hello twice so that they know it's not an answering machine.

Never reply to any questions with an agreeing yes. They can record that response and use it ro their advantage.

With micro soft techs, I just tell them that I don't even have a computer  shuts them down cold. … Read more

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If I don't know the number I let the answering machine get it. Most hang up halfway through the message on my answering machine. It basically says, "If you are selling something hang up. We don't want it or need it, as we have all we need. If you are a friend or family leave … Read more

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When I used to have a land line I would start asking them a bunch of silly questions and not let them get a word in. With my cell phone, if I don't recognize the number and it's not in my contacts, I don't answer. If it's important they can leave a message.

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What a silly idea!  Exercise does not stunt your growth. 


I really should exercise more.  But I read somewhere: 

Rabbits jump and live 8 years.  Dogs run and live 15 years.  Tortoises do nothing and live 150 years. 

Lesson learned.