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I frequently swear at other drivers while driving and have flipped off my share. There has only been one time I actually wanted to follow someone and slap the crap out of them. It would have been justifiable. He forced me off the road on the interstate. He just changed lanes into my lane without … Read more

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I was 9 months pregnant and some jerk honked at me because I was slow walking past his car. I jumped in my car, followed the jerk, honking my horn the whole way. They finally pulled in and I blocked their way out of a parking space, loudly blaring my horn. I must of freaked … Read more

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Usually when I have gotten angry it was at the circumstances in general like, rush hour. Not a particular driver. Only if they were absolutely wrong or trying to act like a bully.

Those were pathetic, you have your license so act like an adult. Everyone gets road rage sometimes.