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For some people just leaving home puts them so out of their comfort zone that the thought of getting off the beaten path is too much for them.  When I travel I like to see well known sites, but you will not catch me eating at a chain restaurant. I want food that is local. … Read more

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We should differentiate between tourists and travelers.

Tourists come to see and experience notable sites that they may have only read about or heard tales of. To touch history, to stand in a famous place or behold a breathtaking view.

It's personally significant to say, "I've BEEN there!".

Really adept travelers seek out the local culture … Read more

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If you look at the house you posted it is in the middle of Topeka, so the amenities are near by, and frankly it isn't in much better shape than the one in the picture above. I am not sure it is even inhabitable. I know I wouldn't be living in it.
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I do believe there is other life out there. And they may have visited. I don't think they are abducting people and performing experiments. I think if any species is advanced enough to travel through space, they can observe us without invasive procedures.

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The problem with the million dollar apartment in the city, is that amenities, come with a monthly cost. They are never paid for in the cost of the condominium. The monthly cost usually is scaled based on location and the amount of amenities. Just so we are clear . . . In the city amenities … Read more

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It is harder only because you have more options to choose from.

Way back in the day you were expected to do what your parents did, or whatever the family you married into did. It wasn't until the 1970s that many families saw the first person in their family go to college. Now college is … Read more