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Whenever an English word is full of silent letters, you can bet half the time it derives from French, as this one does. In French, "queu" is one sound: /kø/ (ultimately from Latin "cauda" meaning "tail") and that's the only way to spell that sound in French. The "e" at the end is just superfluous; … Read more

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Consider it a good thing. "Beautiful" is a much more nuanced compliment than "sexy/hot". "Sexy/hot" is a declaration of immediate sexual arousal or sexual interest, and while flattering, it doesn't require as much perspective as "beautiful" does. I get "cute" a lot, but no one ever calls me "beautiful"; I'd be intrigued if someone called … Read more

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Perhaps. I do tend to believe that A) the metaphysical "exists" as much as wen cay something beyond physical existence exists and B) that there is probably something bigger out there that had a hand in fostering the existence of the physical as it is now.

That said, this "something bigger" would be a God … Read more

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Women might in general have less brute strength, but I often find they have more endurance power and sometimes that counts for more.

I've always had more endurance ability myself. No, I can't bench press much of anything, but I can bike and hike for hours and hours without tiring and I know that some of … Read more