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I'm an occasional road-rager. Not to the point of getting out of my car and confronting anyone, but I will react strongly to certain offenses. I'm no stranger to flipping people off or shouting obscenities at someone who probably won't even hear them.

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Some will probably argue that it will encourage kids to use drugs knowing that the antidote is there in case they take it too far. This seems to be a common problem people have with preventives and other safeguards. (People make similar arguments against condoms). 

I tend to believe that it's better to be safe than … Read more

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A "slight urge" doesn't mean much. Unless you have an overt sexual attraction to girls that is similar to your attraction to guys, you're probably not bisexual. "Bi-curious" would be an appropriate label here. It's common for young people to be curious, though you may find out you're just straight as you get older.