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You can use avocado. Its health benefits are available at: avocados health benefits

How to apply:

You mix avocado and banana together. Then you add a spoon of natural oil like olive oil. Eventually, you apply the mixture on the hair and wait for 30 minutes before cleansing it off.

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In fact, it is completely normal to experience breathlessness when you go over your usual level of physical activities or when you climb up somewhere with high altitudes and lack of oxygen. In that case, you just need to rest for a while then your breath will start to normalize.

However, there are health problems whose … Read more

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The fact that detoxification is really necessary because it may regulate the function of body organs and reduce uric acid levels.

To detoxify my body, I try to cut junk food. I consume more vegetable and fruit, instead.

One of the most beneficial ingredient for detoxification is lemongrass. It may clean out the body and … Read more

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To make use of the ingredient to quickly get rid of excess weight, you should consume 3-4 cups of green tea per day after each meal.

Besides, you also can consume dragon fruit. Dragon fruit with  the richness of fiber in its compound will support for weight loss, which you can read at: … Read more

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About 30 minutes every day. I have tried and I feel this way work quite effectively on weight loss.

Beside walking, you should take a proper diet. You can consume brazil nuts that enable you to manage your weight more efficiently and easily. To know in detail about it, you can consult at: … Read more

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Blackheads are my nightmare, actually. Luckily, I found out some home remedies that work effectively on getting rid of blackheads. You can use glair. It can help you remove dead skin cell, dirt, and whiten your skin.

How to apply: You get glair by a thick layer on the skin and then take a small … Read more

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Yes. Besides, leg weakness can be the sign for paralysis which come from the compression of nerve at the lower back section. But don't worry so much if you are suffering with weak legs. Because, there are some tips that you can use to overcome the problem.

1. Massage

  • Warm up some essential oil such as … Read more
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As I know, there are five types of cabbage. You look at the picture below.

Specifically, they are:

- Red cabbage: This type adds a burst of color to any salad or stir-fry. 

- Savoy cabbage: Tender and sweet.

- Green cabbage: The heart of any good coleslaw is shredded green cabbage, which, in the supermarket, looks similar to … Read more

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No. You could use home remedies, instead. I am using the mentioned tips below.

1. Coconut oil

  • Place a little amount of warm coconut oil on the fingertips
  • Rub it on the eyebrows and then massage it nicely for some times to foster the blood circulation
  • Keep it on overnight
  • Wash it off with warm water next morning when waking … Read more
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Snoring is not a big problem for your health but it always causes annoyance to other people.

To get rid of this problem, you can try some home remedies that I highly recommend below.

1. Peppermint

  • Take 2 drops of oil into some water and gargle before bedtime. Do not swallow the solution and perform daily … Read more
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Black eye is mainly caused by getting a punch in the face. Besides, perhaps there are some other reasons such as jaw surgery or face lift as well as nasal injuries. To get rid of it, you could use home remedies that are safe and easy to apply. These remedies include:

1. Cucumber

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It is chinese sauteed green bean cooked by my mother. It's so tasty.

And there is an interesting fact that my mother tell me all health benefits of this ingredients, in which there are some benefits that i have never heard before. These are:

  • Fight heart diseases.
  • Colon cancerous cells.
  • Improve the condition of diabetes.
  • Improve immunity health.
  • Deal with … Read more
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I just can say that it depends on your skin situation. If the situation is bad, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Normally, the oil on our face serve as a shield to protect the skin from environmental impacts and signs of aging.

There are a lot of people who are ready to spend … Read more

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Hair loss is a serious problem that a number of people get including me. What are the causes of the situation? There are four factors that are responsible for it: Genetics, Hormonal changes and imbalances, Medical conditions, Pressure.

There are some remedies that I would like to recommend some tips to you in the hope … Read more

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Why don't you try home remedies to reduce the pain. There are some natural tips, which are easy to follow.

1. Garlic

  • Combine a grounded garlic clove (or garlic powder) with a bit of common salt.
  • Rub this paste directly on the infected areas to ease the irritation.
  • Follow this method for a continuous week.
2. Onion

OptionRead more