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There are already some excellent answers and Gator Blu's is so close to the way I feel that I won't offer another opinion.


C.S.Lewis wrote a poem "A Confession" about the things he found beautiful, compared to some of the more jarring attempts to describe beauty by some of the modern poets. His final verse was … Read more

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Beauty is something that invokes a deep emotion. It rarely has to do with way something "looks", but more in the way you feel. Beauty is an old couple who still holds hands when they walk. A mother cradling an infant. The stark contrast of a wildflower growing out of a crack of a rocky … Read more

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Dear Roy Roy,

When I was 17 years old (oh, say 1962), I found a small book in our library, and it was the collected sayings of Rabindranath Tagore...title, FIREFLIES. One of Tagore's "fireflies" was this, and it has been my own standard of beauty ever since!

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Beauty is mere perception. Look at a reptile like snake. The color combination, smooth movements, speed, glossy and the beauty with which it strikes it's prey. This might sound weird but for people this is also beauty. So beauty is truly how we have defined it for our self. It not something … Read more