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I don't think I would have changed anything. We were never very well-off, but my parents still made sure we were well-clothed and fed.

What sortof changed our lives was that we had elderly and frail grandparents to live with us when we were both still children. From that point onward, holidays and many other social … Read more

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I know I'm only 15, and still being raised, but I would have liked if my parents had forced me into more social situations.  I'm still learning, and maybe a few years down the line, I won't have changed a thing because I'll be more confident, but now, that's what I would change.

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I thought about this for a long time before I decided to answer. The experiences that I had growing up helped shape who I am today. That, plus other life experiences, helped me parent my son into a wonderful young man.

I would have like it if my mom hadn't beaten us, made us feel … Read more

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Unfortunately and Fortunately I am a product of genetics and past events with regards to experiences and environmental exposures . . . To change a thing in the past would mean a different person here before you now. So, whilst I contemplate how much life would have been significantly better without the shambles of Religion … Read more

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Everyone gave such wonderful answers which I could definitly relate to all of them so I am gonna answer this way.....

When I go on a date at night, it feels more like I am a wife going out on a date with her husband..... If I go on a date during the day then I … Read more