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If it's up to this!  I pick up the old memories! Past is past! I don't live in it and i never stick to it. I live in present to build my future.

The only thing i carry from past is cheerful memories and lessons. According to the choice, i can sacrifice them too. I can … Read more

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i don't really care to make new memories. My life is just youtube, hour long bus rides to and from work (an hour each way), and waving a sign for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week for a pizza place -_- 

some mornings i go to the recreation centre and play video games with … Read more

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There are a couple people I would list but, because I do what I do, I have to say, all of the EMS, firefighters, police officers, physicians, nurses and others who are fighting the good fight against the heroin and meth epidemic that is gripping this country....from taking the dealers off the streets, to saving … Read more