What Are Some Really High Quality Cooking Pans And Where Can I Buy Them?


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If you are after quality cookware look no further than the Bourgeat range, which is a French manufacturer of excellent stainless steel pans. Unlike cheaper pans, the main benefits of quality cookware is that it will be resilient and long lasting, even with frequent use. The problem with cheaper pans also is that they often get damaged easily through washing, stirring and dried-on food - commonly resulting in rust and corrosion of the inside of the pan.

In the Bourgeat range, prices start from around �18.00 up to over �100.00 for the largest and most superior quality pan. A bonus of this manufacturer's products is that all lids for pans are sold seperately. Sizes do vary, but this can be useful if you buy several pans of the same diameter and choose to buy only 1 or 2 lids - after all, you won't always be using all pans at once and need all the lids at once! You can buy Bourgeat from all leading professional cookware suppliers, such as www.nisbets.co.uk and www.russums-shop.co.uk

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