What Kind Of Souvenirs Can I Buy In Canada And Where Can I Find Them?


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There are a great many souvenirs one can buy during a trip to Canada, and one can often find these at local markets and in shopping centres, rather than at expensive, souvenir shops.

If you are looking for classy souvenirs, consider buying Ice Wine from Ontario. Ice Wine is sold at LCBO and Wine Rack stores in Ontario, as well as provincial liquor commissions in other provinces. A 750ml bottle normally costs approximately C$15.00. Alternatively, you can also purchase ice wine flavoured chocolates.

If you are in Quebec or Ontario, consider buying special berry jams in decorative jars, or various ciders. These are normally sold at most markets, such as Ottawa's famous Byward Market. The jams and ciders all tend to be under C$10.00. Maple syrup and maple butter are traditional favourites, although these tend to be more costly.

For budget gifts, visit a Dollarama store, where everything is C$1.00. You can find a good variety of Canada mugs with flags and maple leafs, as well as provincial designs, all for C$1.00.
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Gloria Lee answered
We bought lovely tablecloths with maple leaves on which were appreciated and of course tee shirts. In Banff we bought some lovely salt cellars from an authentic Indian craft shop there. They had some beautiful stuff and if you go there and get up very early you could see the Indians bringing in the crafts from their reserve not too far away.

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