How Can I Say Goodbye To My Friend Without Crying?


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Saying goodbye to a friend can be an emotional time. Crying is a natural response to such a situation, but there are also a number of ways you could try and prevent yourself from bursting into tears. When the time comes to go your separate ways, why not try out the following:

How to say goodbye without crying
The most obvious way to prevent tears would be to 'think' your way out of crying. Try to focus on ways you can see each other again in the future. If that isn't going to be possible, then perhaps you will be able to communicate via the internet, email or telephone. Thinking about the many conversations you will have might make it easier to say goodbye.

If that doesn't work, you could try having a cry before meeting up with your friend to say goodbye. This will allow you to get your emotions out, without embarrassingly welling up in front of your friend.

Holding back the tears when saying goodbye

Another way to keep the tears at bay would be to try and make the event as funny as possible. Perhaps you can buy your friend a hilarious helium balloon with a giggle-inducing message. It may not seem normal to be laughing when someone is leaving you, but cracking a good joke or telling a funny anecdote might be just what you need to swallow that bitter pill.

If all else fails, you could try wearing a mask so that the tears can be streaming down your cheeks without your friend having a clue!
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with tears in such a situation. Your friend is leaving apparently. That is a loss and is almost like a death, if it is to be permanent. You can keep in touch via phone, text and snail mail but it is not the same as seeing them frequently. So your emotions may well come bubbling to the top. Do not be embarrassed to let the tears flow. It will only indicate to your friend just how much you care. Don't be surprised if your friend cries also.

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