How Can I Say Thank You, And Goodbye To My Friends Here On Blurt It?


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Honey, it is official, I HATE YOUR MAN!!! To take what you love and makes you happy is now taken from you, and we have now lost a wonderful human being here on the site, we are less people for not having you here! I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and soul, and you are in my prayers, all the time. I have your email, and you can bet that I will be sending you mail, I hope that I will be able to hear from you through this means of communication. Know that you are loved, and will continue to be loved here, as well as missed, and thought of often. I love you dear friend. Jacki♥♥♥
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Hang in there ok!!I had something already written out but it got lost in cyberspace.It sounds to me your man doesn't need to be hated  he needs to get right with Christ again or 4 the first time!!Read 1st corinth 1--13 ok.The word is livening and as sharp as a two edged sword.Go to my shout box and read the two things you wrote me,apply them to you ok and any one who reads this and your plight pray  not hate; love is what defeats evil and hate with all gods love and mine HARPO!!
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???? What does he think is wrong with it? So sorry to hear this! 
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Dear, I will be keeping you in my prayers, along with the situation there at home, that you'll find peace someway, somehow.  My heart hurts for you, and I just wish you well, and that things will be able to work out for you and your husband, whatever way possible.  Wishing you peace in your heart and soul, and strength to find a way through all this.
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This is not right. He doesn't have the right to control you. I will always have fond memories of my Sister Pencil. Please try to sneak on once in awhile so we can here from you. Peace
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sneaking is not the answer.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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No, sneaking isn't the answer, but it will provide P with knowledge that she is loved, and missed here. There is nothing wrong with us wanting her to come here to talk to us as we support her and love her very much.
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What your man is doing is SO wrong!
 What is wrong with him!!!
I'm sorry, but this is upsetting, Pencil.
  Your man must be awfully insecure to be jealous of your Blurtit friends.
We have already been missing you here, because you hardly ever log on anymore.
 I will continue to e-mail you, P.
 My prayers are with you honey. Don't give up.
   Love You, Me
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I am going to miss you something awful... I look forward to seeing you pop on.  Things wont be the same around here...I wish you all the luck and happiness and hope if this is what it takes for your life to be easier that at least you will have peace at home.  Please Give tigger permission to give me your email address.. I would really like to keep in touch .. Even if its only in jokey emails or quick hello's or prayer requests.
You are dear to me..
xox Nette
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Pencil,I am so sorry that you are leaving us I did not get to know you as well as others did here and I am sorry for that but PLEASE take care and be careful
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My dear sweetheart, is there no other way? Why can't he see the other things you post, the funny questions, the heart felt answers. I am so sorry that someone in your life is purposely making you unhappy. I pray you will still be allowed to have some contact with the outside world thru e-mails. I'll get yours thru someone. I'm so sorry to lose I friend so soon. Love You.
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I am sorry he is so controlling or threatened by your participation in blurt it.  I hope it can be resolved so you can come back.  God bless you.
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Sweetie, please keep in touch and we will praying for you and your situation.  Be sure to email email is on the site Nassie posted for all of to put on emails on .  Love you..  ♥
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Pencil he is very very controlling- if you can, leave !!! I had a very controlling, abusive man for an ex husband. He was really terrible to me-I am so sorry to see you go ...I wish you weren't leaving us !!! ...I have not seen one thing here to indicate you are up to no good. You are sweet to us !!! I cannot name any names, but other blurters are getting heat from their men. This site is very innocent, in my opinion. It is not a "chat room" per se. They are pretty bad.
You will be really missed by all of us who care for you.
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Penny, I do not accept you've left us. Your shouts were truly an inspiration to me and when they arrived in my box I often left them there for an extended period of time just to be able to go back and read them again and again. Somehow you've got to stay in touch so we know how you're doing, I know you can read these answers to your question although you don't have a membership any longer. Please obtain my e-mail address in the e-mail exchange link group or ask Wanda for it; drop me a short note from time to time relieving some of the concern for your welfare which weighs darn heavy on me. You were a trusted friend and I will definitely miss your presence on this site more with each day that passes. Pat
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My friend this is not fair on your spouse. For every problem we have a solution, don't go in haste.
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I'm so very sorry to hear of this no one has the right to tell you what you can and can't do your husband sounds cruel everyone needs someone to talk to and this site makes it easy because sometimes talking with people we don't know and getting their opinion on things is better than talking to people we know. Being on this website has made me feel like I've added on to my family and that I always have someone to talk to when I need it and no one should take that away from you.It sounds like he needs some therapy I don't know much of your relationship but it may not be a good one see if he will go to counseling or talk to his family or yours to see if they can help.Please take care of yourself and God will be with you I hope you will return to us very soon. LOL Always Your Friend. Don't hesitate to ask us for help if you need it.By the way this pictures represents all you sad friends at blurtit
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Oh dear. What a tragic affair. Your departing once again are you? You could say your final farewells and thanks through a thread but I am sure you don't need me to tell you that. I thank you for being a good friend not only to me but to everyone and you will be missed.
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Oh My God!!!!  He has no right to control you like that!!!  Goodbye, I will miss you a lot!!!  Please come back soon!!!  Also, get my E-mail from the E-mail exchange and drop me one please!
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Oh pencil, I am so sorry to hear this.  I always look forward to
seeing which "P" you will be using as an avatar.  I especially
liked the typewriter key.  Above and beyond that, I enjoyed our
interactions here. 

I feel very sad that you must sacrifice an innocent pastime to placate
your husband.  I don't want to be intrusive or tell you what to
do, but the behavior you've described sounds abusive to me. 

You are a beautiful person and deserve to be respected and valued for
who you are, not mistrusted for what you might be doing. 

I hope you will be able to resolve this issue.  I know it must be
very depressing and it might feel too overwhelming, but please, examine
your situation.  Is "peace" at the cost of interaction with anyone
but your spouse worth it?  I might be overstepping, but it seems
to me that if you are not allowed to interact on the computer, the next
thing will be limiting contact with people in the "real" world. Maybe
that already happens?

If this is not the way things are and you don't mind sacrificing your
personal freedoms, then I apologize.  I just hope you are able to
work things out the best way for YOU!

Has your mirth been stifled long enough?
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I have not suffered through a relationship like that and it is with innocent and possibly wiser words I say: He is no friend of of your friends, much less a friend and lover of you. Leave before you are one of many who look back and say if may not seem nearly that simple, but how much simpler will it become? Are you really going to sacrifice these good days for the rest of his? He may not be all bad, as with you being as good as you are, but it does not excuse the rest.
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I'm now enlightened to the answer I didn't know then...How tragic to have someone cut you off from friends...Please come back soon.
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Don't you think that your husband is jealous and exaggerating a bit? Does he harm you? Would you like to separate? Is he so dominant? Does your family know? Have you asked for help?
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Once you've answered the question click on leave a comment and then put your comment.

The other thing is if you have friends on blurtit you can "shout" to tell them stuff.
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G'day Pencil,

Thank you for your question.

Sorry to hear of your problems. Hope they have been resolved.

I have appreciated your answer.

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Your husband is sick in the mind, what's wrong with Blurtit? Better get his brains check!!!

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