How Long Does It Take To Get Your Question Answered On Here?


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It all depends on the question.  There are questions on the site that have never been answered, and some may be answered right away.  More difficult or technical questions may take longer until someone comes along who is able to answer them.  Be patient.
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Robyn Rothman
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Go to your profile page, and at the top you'll "My Qs". Click on that, and you'll see all the questions you've asked.
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Until someone with nothing better to do makes a remark.
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David C
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Exactly, I saw this question about 5 mins after it was put up and skipped it. Granted, I'm digging through questions answering them because I'm bored out of my mind and doing this just to keep myself busy, but this is kind of pointless. Only reason I looked at this the 2nd time is because I saw that people had responded and was curious to see what they had to say. :P
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Just hold on you will get an answer in good time/
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It can be seconds or hours or even days for it to be answered.
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    Well until someone who finds your questions interesting decide to answer it with the best information that they can find.
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Some Blurters only answer what one might call "an easy question" other Blurters prefer to answer the more difficult questions.
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It took me about a second to click on it after seeing it. Then, about five seconds to type this. :)
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It depends on the question it may take sometimes more than a year to answer a question!

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